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History and usage of texture analyzers

What is texture analysis?

Texture is an important factor in the consumer acceptance of products, especially food. Texture analysis is a methodology used to measure these attributes and as such is able to assess the impact of changes to formulation on processing, handling of other factors like shelf-life.

Video: Texture analysis of peas to optimize harvest

Benefits and principles

Instrumental methods of assessing texture measurement can be carried out under more strictly defined and controlled conditions. Changes in ingredient levels can cause several simultaneous changes in product characteristics. A main goal of many texture profile analysis studies are devised by one or more mechanical tests with the capacity to replace human sensory evaluation as a tool to evaluate texture analysis.

The principle of a texture measurement system is to deform the sample in a controlled manner and measure its response. Imagine turning a laboratory balance upside down and pressing the balance pan down into the sample.

The force response of the sample would be shown on the digital display moving up or down depending on how far you pushed the balance into the sample – This is exactly how the texture analyzer works.

Forces created during this movement are manipulated to recreate conditions that foods are exposed to when we eat them or process them. This means that we are able to directly measure and predict how a food will perform or feel. Different test applications call for different levels of technology, load capacity, robustness, accuracy and budget. The requirements of the test application directly affect the choice of instrument. For example, high-powered software driven system would be no use for rudimentary field-testing. For this reason FTC provide food technologists with 4 different levels of instrumentation to fit every test environment

Food Technology Corporation's texture analyzer range

Texture Analyzer - TMS-PRO 

Computer-controlled texture measurement systems can assess product qualityThe TMS-Pro is the “flagship” of the FTC line of food testing texture analysis instruments. When the application calls for precise force, position and speed control, the TMS-Pro is unsurpassed.

The “Pro” was designed as an affordable alternative texture analyzer to the very high priced test systems offered by competitors. With a capacity of 2500 Newtons, (550 lbs.) in compression or tension, the TMS-Pro can handle the toughest applications. The system comes complete with the award winning “Texture Lab Pro” software package and any size load cell of your choice.

The TMS-Pro texture analyzer accepts the full and expanding line of FTC test cells including the industry standard, FTC Kramer Shear Cell as well as fixtures from our competitors. Best of all the TMS-Pro is backed by FTC's 40 years of food texture measurement experience, applications development and legendary customer service.

  • Intelligent load cells changeable in seconds
  • High force capacity in compression or tension
  • Unequalled data acquisition rates of up to 2000 readings per second
  • Full range of test cells, probes and fixtures
  • Portable, simple to set up and easy to learn
  • Master and operator modes with password protection
  • Powerful yet easy to use software for your PC
  • Fully programmable for unlimited test designs
  • Real time graphing and display
  • Automatic statistical calculations
Supplied with: 1 Load Cell (specify at time of order); one fixture table (either 432-043 or 432-243), T-slot mounting base, Software; Cables; Manuals.

System Specification

  • Force Range ±2500N (562lbf, 255kgf)
  • Force Resolution 0.015% of load cell - 15gf (0.5ozf) for a 1000 Newton load cell
  • Travel Range 300mm (12in)
  • Position Resolution 32 centimeters (12.5 in.) of Travel with 2.5 micron resolution
  • Normal Speed Range 1 - 500mm/min (0.04-20"/min) and larger speed range according
  • customer special requirement
  • Speed Accuracy Better than 0.1%
  • Data Acquisition Rate 16000 readings/sec, filtered to 2000 readings/sec
  • Load Cells, Intelligent load cells, changeable by the user in seconds
  • Capacities Available 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500N (0.45 - 225lbf, 0.2 - 102kgf)
  • Weight 18kg (40lbs)
  • Power Supply 120/220 VAC 50/60 Hz selectable

Texture Analyzer - TMS-2000 

Adding computer control allows deeper analysis

(NOTE: This model is now discontinued)
The TMS-2000 is a research-grade texture profile analysis measurement system comprised of the TP-6 Texture Press combined with a Windows PC software package.

Designed specifically for food texture measurement, the TMS-2000 software controls the texture press and performs the data processing for results presentation to the operator. Communication and control are accomplished through a standard, reliable network connection so there is no additional hardware to install.
The texture measurement system is capable of up to 3000 pounds-force, and comes with the industry standard Model CS-1 Kramer Shear Cell as well as one FTA Force Transducer. The TMS-2000 can be supplied with or without the PC, and is designed to accommodate FTC Test Cells and Force Transducers. Most older FTC systems can be economically upgraded to the TMS-2000 platform. The system can display results in Metric or Imperial units.

Supplied with: TP-6 Ultra Quiet, Variable Speed and Pressure Texturepress, TMS-2000 software, One FTA Load cell (user specified range), CS-1 Test Cell and Operators Manual.

System Specification

  • Data collection Maximum data sampling rate at 390 sample per second 12 bit A to D conversion for maximum resolution
  • Speed Variable 2-30 in/min or 0-75 cm/min
  • Stroke distance 3.5 in / 8.9 cm
  • Maximum force 3000 pounds / 1,363 kgs
  • Power 15 Amps 120 Volt AC, 60 cycle
  • Dimensions 19 x 20 x 34 in / 48 x 51 x 86 cm
  • Weight 125 lbs / 56 kg

TMS-Touch Texture analyzer

The TMS-Touch makes quality control testing on a factory floor or production environment a much simpler task at an affordable price.
Texture measurements normally reserved for the laboratory can now be brought to the factory floor saving time, resource and money to instantly determine consistent standards within the raw or finished product.
Performing tests in tension and compression with run-to-load, deformation and time or break detection options, the TMS-Touch combines programmability with very simple operation utilising a keypad interface and a Liquid Crystal Display. Operators on the production floor, for example, can quickly access programs stored in the systems memory and immediately begin testing, whilst supervisors access password-protected levels to set-up and store new test routines and control test settings.

For an all-in-one test system, which can handle the production area environment and provide the freedom to control and create new test routines to suit your requirements, the TMS-Touch offers the ideal solution.

  • Programmable functionality
  • Very straightforward operation
  • A comprehensive range of texture measurement possibilities
  • Ideal for the factory floor and production environment
  • Intelligent load cells changeable in seconds
  • Full range of test cell, probes and fixtures

Supplied with: 1 Load Cell (specify at time of order); Operator Manual and T-slot mounting base and one fixture table (either 432-043 or 432-243).

System Specification

  • Force Range 2-2500N,0.2-255kgf,0.4-562lbf (10 models)
  • Load Accuracy Better than 0.2% of full-scale
  • Crosshead Travel 330mm
  • Speed Range 0.1 - 500mm/min
  • Test Modes Compression, Tension, Cycle, Hold
  • Test Options Load, Distance, Time
  • Data Output RS232 to PC and external software or printer
  • Digital Display Includes: Peak Load, Av Load, Load at Break, Deformation at Load and User ID
  • Approvals CE marked (made in European Union)
  • Weight 18kg (40lbs)

Texture Analyzer - TM-2

Texture analyzers can be placed on the production plant floor
The TM-2 texture press is the latest evolution on the legendary Kramer Shear Press.

The design is sealed against moisture so it can be placed right on the plant floor next to the production line. The TM-2 is maintenance free and is incredibly easy to use.
Load the test cell and with the push of one button the system cycles through the test and displays the Peak Force results on an integrated display.

The texture gage can be set to read in metric or imperial units and the hydraulic press is capable of generating up to 3000 pounds (13,000 Newtons) of force in compression or tension for harder products. The TM-2 texture analyzer will accept the complete line of FTC test cell and load cells so it is versatile as well as rugged.

The TM-DX (now discontinued) variation comes with an integral feature to measure the work done on the sample or "the area under the curve" and an RS-232 link to save readings directly to a Windows based PC.

Supplied with: TX Splash proof Texturepress, TG-4E-I Texturegage with Display in Peak Force and Integral (work), rs-232 port with software, One FTA Load cell (user specified range), CS-1 Test Cell and Operators Manual. The system can be factory set to display results in Metric or Imperial units

System Specification

  • Stroke speed Factory pre-set to your specification
  • Maximum force 3000lbs
  • Display units Lbs of force or metric (SI) units
  • Power 120AC, 60 Hertz standard (other optional voltages available)
  • Dimensions 24” x 24” x 36”
  • Weight 73kg / 160lbs

Texture Analyzer - T-2000

The work required to shear and compress a sample is a fundamental texture measurementFor a laboratory setting the T-2000 is the right choice. The hydraulic texture profile analysis system is capable of up to 3000 lbs of force, for testing very hard products and large sample sizes.
The texture measurement system features adjustable hydraulic pressure and stroke speed as well as integral calculation. The T-2000 comes with the industry standard Model CS-1 Kramer Shear-Compression Test Cell as well as one model FTA Force Transducer. Transducers, or "load cells", are available in a ±10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 3000 Lbs of force ranges. The T-2000 can accept many of the numerous test cells available from Food Technology and can be delivered to display in metric or imperial measurement units.
Supplied with: TP-6 Ultra Quiet, Variable Speed and Pressure Texturepress, TG-4E-I Texturegage with Display in Peak Force and Integral (work), rs-232 port with software, one FTA Load cell (user specified range), CS-1 Test Cell and Operators Manual. Factory set to display results in Metric or Imperial units

System Specification

  • Speed Variable 0-30 inches/minute or 0-75 cm/minute
  • Stroke distance 3.5 inches / 8.9 cm
  • Maximum force 3000 pounds / 1,363 kgs
  • Display units Pounds of force, Newtons (kgs), or Tenderometer units (Intergral display inch/pounds or Joules)
  • Data ouput RS232 serial
  • Power 115 V 10 Amps 60 Hz or 220 V 6 Amps 50 Hz
  • Dimensions 19 x 20 x 34 inches / 48 x 51 x 86 cm
  • Weight 125 lbs / 56 kg
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